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Pool Barrier Safety Check
Do you have a SWIMMING POOL or SPA?

It is now law to have the barrier inspected and a compliance certificate issued and handed to council. WE CAN HELP INSPECT YOUR BARRIER. Poolside Inspections make this process easy and simple with water safety and compliance as our #1 priority.

What you need to know and do:
  • Register your pool / spa with your Council - If you have not done so already.
  • Council will advise you in writing of the date your pool / spa was constructed and the specific standard the inspector will need to apply.
    There are several different standards, so it is important to show this letter to the inspector.
  • Have your pool / spa barrier inspected by one of our registered inspectors and receive a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Submit your Certificate of Compliance to Council within 30 days
  • Enjoy your pool / spa but don’t forget it needs to be inspected every 4 years

Most Pool / Spa owners believe their barrier is compliant however industry data indicates that more than 90% of barriers are not compliant.

If a barrier is not compliant PoolSide Inspections will advise you in writing and with photos of what rectification work is required.

Once this work is completed the barrier must be reinspected. The law states that the owner must bring the barrier into compliance and reinspected within a 60 day period of the first inspection.

Pool Spa Barrier Inspected
barriers safety
Main reasons barriers tend to fail inspections:
  • The pool barrier is not a minimum of 1200mm high.
  • The gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground is more than 100mm
  • The gate does not self-close
  • The latching device does not self-latch
  • There is a climbable object near the fence / barrier

These are only some of the reasons barriers fail inspections but they tend to be the most common.

Poolside Inspections specializes in inspections and finding compliance solutions in a simple, easy, affordable and quick manner. We do not undertake rectification work but we can recommend.

Our pool safety check includes
Fixed Price
$270 Excl GST
  • *Excludes parts
  • 16-point safety check
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Service report
  • certificate
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