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Gas Safety Check

Melbourne Wide Gas Safety Checks

Offering a detailed and thorough service, Check and Inspect specialise in gas safety checks across Melbourne. Each inspection is carried out by fully insured, accredited and experienced gas fitters, adept at recognising and addressing gas leaks or damage to piping. When left unaddressed, gas leaks spread dangerous carbon monoxide throughout your property.

Check and Inspect service various locations around Melbourne. Each gas safety check we carry out involves a comprehensive on-site assessment of all appliances, piping and main lines, focusing in on any problem areas. Not only will a professional check ensure compliance to all current Victorian regulations, but they are also critical to our safety and wellbeing.

Electrical Safety Checks in Melbourne

Professional Gas Safety Service Inspections in Melbourne

  • For thorough maintenance with an eye for detail, Check and Inspect offer emergency and ongoing gas safety service inspections in Melbourne. When left unchecked, gas related faults can have serious consequences. Commissioning a regular inspection and service of your gas systems is critical to the health and wellbeing of your occupants.

  • Check and Inspect conduct property-wide gas safety checks, all for an affordable price. Inspecting all gas lines, piping and appliances, we promptly identifying any existing or potential issues. Following this process, our technicians perform maintenance, general servicing and repair.

As every property throughout Victoria now requires checks by law, our service ensures compliance and
minimises potential harm to your occupants.


Residential Tenancy Act 1 Legislation Victoria

Recent changes to the Victorian Residential Tenancy Act 1997 now require regular gas safety compliance checks for all Victorian landowners and property managers. Under this agreement, owners must attain professional gas safety checks as a duty of care to their tenants.

This legislation stipulates that property owners complete recurring gas and electrical safety checks. A comprehensive gas safety inspection involves a thorough check of all gas appliances, lines and systems across your property.

To ensure your property is up to standard, contact the Check and Inspect team today for our Melbourne wide gas safety inspections.

  • No service fees, contract fees, or admin fees are applicable to any services.
Gas Safety Check
Fixed Price
$250 Excl GST
  • *Excludes parts
  • lpg-cylinder
  • nagative-pressure-rest
  • carban-monoxide
  • 16-point safety check
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Service report
  • leak and pressure retention
Evidence of gas safety check

Record of the gas safety check. The document includes the following:

  • The full name and business details, including the license or registration number, of the gasfitter who did the check
  • The date the safety check was conducted
  • The results of the check, including any servicing and repairs required and actions taken to address the repair.
  • A copy of the record of gas servicing work submitted to the vba and given to the rental provider under the gas safety (gas installation) regulations 2018, for each type a gas appliance that is serviced as part of the standard gas installation.
evidence of gas
What the gas safety check covers (from a technical perspective)
  1. The following gas installation checks -
    • That lpg cylinders and associated gas components are installed correctly;
    • That appliance gas isolation valves are installed where required by as/nzs 5601.1 "Gas installations", as published or amended from time to time;
    • That gas appliances and their components are accessible for servicing and adjustment;
    • That the gas installation is electrically safe;
    • That clearances from appliances to combustible surfaces are in accordance with installation instructions and as/nzs5601.1 "Gas installations", as published or amended from time to time;
    • That there is adequate ventilation for appliances to operate safely;
    • that gas appliances (including cookers) are adequately restrained from tipping over;
    • Checking the condition of gas appliance flue systems, including chimneys
    • Checking gas appliances for evidence of certification; and
  2. Testing gas installations for leakage; and
  3. For a standard gas installation, servicing all Type A gas appliances that are part of that installation.

Note: See regulation 12(4) of the Gas Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations 2018, which prescribes a standard under section 72 of the Gas Safety Act 1997 for servicing work carried out on a Type A gas appliance that is part of a standard gas installation. Section 72 of the Gas Safety Act 1997 requires that a person carrying out gasfitting work ensure that the work complies with the standards and requirements prescribed under that Act in relation to that work.

safety check covers

Our gas safety checks are compliant with the latest amendments to the Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations 2018 (the Amendment Regulations) that came into effect 1 June 2022 (and our competitors may not) - Key Identifiable as including the required Appendix E questions per Australian Standard AS4575 as well as provision of a Gas Servicing Record number as evidence of lodgement

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