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Smoke Alarm Checks for Preston Locals

Your provider of premium smoke alarm checks in Preston, Check and Inspect conduct regular safety checks across Victoria. Smoke alarms that are left unchecked can easily run out of battery or fail to detect hazards in the home.

Check and Inspect’s around the clock service offers specialised smoke alarm assessment, maintenance and repair throughout Preston. Through the sue of cutting-edge detection technology, we measure the state of your device, provide a detailed report and address the issue at hand.

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Operating throughout regional and metro areas, check and inspect offer
thorough smoke alarm, gas , electrical and pool safety checks in victoria.
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Gas, Electrical Smoke Alarm & Pool Package
Fixed Price
$480 Excl GST
  • *Excludes parts
*Fixed Price
Each inspection includes a detailed inspection from the gas meter and includes all gas appliances at the dwelling and includes checks for:
  • CO emissions
    CO emissions, gas leaks and safe operation
  • Operational  efficiency
  • Correct installation* and compliance
    Correct installation* and compliance
  • Negative pressure test
    pressure test
  •  Pressure test gas lines
    Pressure test gas lines for leaks
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Local Gas Safety Checks in Preston

For local gas safety checks in Preston, Check and Inspect boast a team of experienced professionals detect and address any safety related concerns. When gas appliances, systems and lines are damaged, harmful chemicals may be spreading throughout your home or business.

From the moment this occurs, a full gas safety check of the property should be performed as soon as possible. Eliminate the chance for harm with the help of Check and Inspect’s friendly gas fitting and safety experts.


Electrical Safety Checks for Properties in Preston

For detailed electrical safety checks in Preston, Check and Inspect bring years of safety experience in Victoria to the table. Utilising cutting edge equipment and field knowledge, our technicians offer comprehensive safety checks for a competitive price.

Each inspection we conduct assesses electrical switchboards, fittings, appliances and installations across your property. Alongside the safety and wellbeing of your occupants, electrical safety checks are now, in accordance with new Victorian legislation, required once every 2 years.

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