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About Check And Inspect

At Check and Inspect, the safety of you and your property is our number one concern. That’s why we offer electrical safety checks, gas safety checks, and smoke alarm safety checks all across Victoria. Whether you live in Metro Melbourne or you run a business in Regional Victoria, we can provide thorough services for you.

A comprehensive safety inspection from Check and Inspect won’t just protect your property and its occupants. Our team also ensures you are meeting your legal obligations and remaining compliant with gas, electricity, and smoke alarm regulations.

We understand that you have a lot on your plate, which is why our team operates 24/7 and comes to you when you need us most. Perfect for busy homeowners, landlords, and commercial property managers, our fixed-price packages give you peace of mind quickly and affordably.

You can select whichever safety check you need, or we can bundle all our services together into one cost-effective package. Fully trained, licenced, and insured, our team will carry out thorough inspections, complete services, repairs, and replacements, and recommend any further actions that may be required.

To learn more about our team and our cost-effective solutions, explore our services online or contact Check and Inspect today.

Gas, Electrical Smoke Alarm & Pool Package
Fixed Price
$480 Excl GST
  • *Excludes parts
*Fixed Price
Each inspection includes a detailed inspection from the gas meter and includes all gas appliances at the dwelling and includes checks for:
  • CO emissions
    CO emissions, gas leaks and safe operation
  • Operational  efficiency
  • Correct installation* and compliance
    Correct installation* and compliance
  • Negative pressure test
    pressure test
  •  Pressure test gas lines
    Pressure test gas lines for leaks
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